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3 min readSep 16, 2022


In the healthcare technology marketing world, those companies who are on the cutting edge of the latest strategic online marketing practices will be those companies who ultimately excel and beat out their competitors in a highly lucrative space.

As such, it’s more important than ever to be front-of-mind where your customers are, and marketing your product, whether it’s a wearable device, a platform or some hybrid combination, means that you need to be in front of key decision makers and take steps to remain front-of-mind. Here’s how:

Mobile Marketing

People are researching from their phones now, more than ever. And it’s not just healthcare professionals, but their patients as well. Patients learn about a new device or a platform or system and inquire about it with their doctor. And no physician or specialist ever wants to appear as if they don’t know.

That’s why healthcare technology companies need to take steps to be mobile and agile. That doesn’t necessarily mean developing an app, but rather making it easy for your product or service to be accessible via mobile.

With more and more people these days turning to their phones to track everything from blood sugar to electronic health records, you can bet that by launching and perfecting your mobile marketing campaigns, you’ll be able to reach the customers you’re looking to attract more easily and cost-effectively than ever before.

Email Campaigns

Email may not be as contemporary as mobile marketing, but sometimes the most traditional channels for advertising are those that are tried and true.

Not only can you deliver important information to your ideal clients through email, but you can also keep them up-to-date on your product roadmap, give them a preview of upcoming features or design changes, cite studies or research that leverages some key aspect of your device or service, and much more.

Now, more than ever, physicians and other key decision makers in the healthcare world are busy, and they don’t have time to read a long, wordy email. Be short and to the point, giving them exactly what they need to know and every reason to take the next step.

Video and Social

Video marketing and social media marketing are fantastic investments for growing your health technology company and increasing brand awareness. There are a number of ways that you can leverage both video and social platforms to get the word out to both patients and providers about what you have to offer. You could:

  • Share preventative tips or educational material about health issues that your target audience’s patients struggle with
  • Highlight patient success stories or studies in which your device or platform was used with great results
  • Use hashtags to promote new initiatives, campaigns and awareness
  • Host a live Q & A session with physicians and other healthcare specialists to answer their most common questions about your product or service
  • Create a community around your product or service, inspiring and motivating people to learn more or build a hub of support and encouragement

And if you’re looking for a more customized strategy unique to your specific healthcare technology company, why not reach out to the experts at Workdom? Our content strategies and advertising professionals are ready to work with you to help you take your message and branding to the next level with proven marketing solutions that work with your business.

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