Your B2B Product Launch Survival Guide

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3 min readMar 24, 2023


A B2B product launch is an exciting time. You’ve been planning, preparing and organizing everything so that the launch can go off without a hitch. But how do you make sure it truly resonates with your ideal customer?

Our B2B product launch survival guide offers three tips to help you make the most of your launch and ensure it hits all your revenue goals.

Know Your Buyer

You’ve likely gone through the work of understanding your buyer in terms of their demographics and psychographics, but have you considered the problem they’re looking to solve and the best way to connect your message to them? Just because they tick all of the boxes in terms of what makes an ideal customer doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re at the stage in their customer journey that would prompt a purchase.

Take the time to clearly understand their motivation for buying and how significant that problem is for them. You want to be able to clearly position your product or service as the right solution while providing plenty of supporting material to give them confidence in their buying decision.

And even if the product does match their needs, you still have to deliver it. What sort of marketing are they most in tune with? How can you leverage that marketing to meet them where they are and guide them to where you want them to be?

Know Your Messaging

In B2B, you have a very limited window of opportunity to get attention, which means that your value proposition must be spot on. What does your product do? How does it solve the needs of your audience? Why should people care?

All of your marketing materials at every stage of the funnel should not only answer these questions but support them. Use things like testimonials, video and social proof to further reinforce what you have to offer. Let your content speak to the users’ pain points and needs and then insert it strategically into the marketing channels they’re most likely to use at various stages of the funnel.

Boost Awareness and Lead Generation

Very few of your B2B audience will convert to customers right from the start, which means that your focus should be on brand awareness and lead generation. Take the time to decide which content will move the needle, including not just digital content but print as well. Distribute that content through the aforementioned channels that your target audience frequents, and take special care to support your sales and marketing teams with relevant pieces of content that guide users through the funnel.

Consistently doing each of these things over time will not only improve brand awareness among your customer base but also help you position your product in such a way that users begin to understand its importance and its relevance in solving their problems.

With that in mind, a varied content approach can be extremely helpful in hitting on the aforementioned pain points from a variety of angles. Reach out to the content specialists at Workdom to get greater clarity on your content strategy and let our content writing and marketing experts help you launch your B2B product or service with content that compels your ideal customer to act!



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