What’s Ahead For The Health Tech Marketing World Post-Pandemic?

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3 min readOct 28, 2022


The year 2020 might be best remembered for COVID-19 quarantines and healthcare scares, but the healthcare technology world was on a rollercoaster of its own. It could be said that the pandemic was the silver lining that brought about faster, easier access to a wide range of digital health products and services, with people who were previously reluctant to try them, wholeheartedly embracing them.

Money was heavily invested in new ways to connect doctors and patients, including services surrounding customer-facing solutions, apps and platforms. New focuses on mental health, disease management and even operations management helped them to flourish.

But eventually the dust settles and the market begins to recalibrate, as we’re seeing nearing the end of 2022. What’s on the horizon for health tech and marketing? Here’s what the experts say:

Go For Launch

Although in 2020 and 2021, B2C was the clear frontrunner in healthcare tech adoption, more and more companies are looking at their core infrastructure and thinking about ways to improve the patient experience. The retail world has nailed this process, with customer experience high on the top of the list of areas to concentrate on, but healthcare is finally catching up.

New services which allow customers to better manage their healthcare (both now and in the future) as well as hybrid care models have both surged in popularity in recent months — bridging the gap between provider and patient as more patients opt for telehealth and remote doctor calls rather than potentially expose themselves to yet another bout of COVID.

Which Technologies Are Most In-Demand?

There are a wide range of healthcare technology products and services that are gaining more and more attention and appeal, both among patients and their providers. Automation is a strong frontrunner, as is online integration of different devices (also known as the Internet of Things). Telemedicine and other methods of monitoring and diagnosing patients remotely are also understandably popular, with many companies integrating these technologies as they look for ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

How Can Health Technology Companies Stay Ahead Of The Changes?

Right now, consumer confidence in healthcare technology services is still high. As a result, it’s recommended that companies look to capitalize on the ongoing upward trend while continuing to invest in marketing initiatives like content strategy to allow for your key differentiators and other aspects of your marketing campaigns to stand out and attract attention.

Those in B2C industries should continue to leverage social proof, testimonials and other methods of demonstrating outcomes, while continuing to scale their solutions. Investments are going to continue being made, but these leaps in technology adoption aren’t going to come without some scrutiny.

For that reason, it’s more important than ever to consider your messaging across omnichannel touchpoints to ensure that it’s congruent and aligned with your objectives. By placing your audience first and considering all the ways that your solution helps them not only when they need it, but even when they don’t, being able to tell your story and integrate their own stories is critical to your success.

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