Using a Content Matrix as Part of Your HealthTech Content Strategy

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3 min readMar 3, 2023


Part of what makes a powerful content strategy is knowing how and when to use your content decisively to help the prospect at every stage of the funnel. And while most marketers understand this means using different types of content at different times and tuned for different audiences, many don’t understand how to gauge the performance of that content.

In other words, is it achieving its goal? If not, what can be done about it? Does anything need to be done at all?

That’s where a content matrix can help.

Drawing the Content Matrix

Your matrix can be as simple or as advanced as you want, but let’s begin with something basic to illustrate the idea. Divide a sheet of paper into four quadrants. Label them as follows:

High-aligned and low-performing

This is your healthtech marketing content that has been fully optimized with the right keywords, brand voice and tone and is designed to reach your target audience but for whatever reason, it’s not performing.

Content that fits into this quadrant may need another review in terms of target audience, proper optimization, and even the format that it’s in to determine how best to make sure it gets noticed.

High-aligned and high-performing

This is the content that’s not only designed to perform well, it’s ticking all the boxes in terms of conversion and traffic. You’ve got your content optimized and fully zeroed into what your prospects want and the results are reflected in your ranking and conversion rate. Look at this content and determine how you can bring your other pieces up to its level.

Low-aligned and high-performing

This content isn’t exactly tuned to your brand voice and tone yet it does well in the search results. It might not be aligned to your goals, so it’s worth revisiting it and updating it if possible so that it’s more in line with your content goals.

Low-aligned and low-performing

This is content you’ve created that simply doesn’t hit the mark. It’s not optimized well and it doesn’t rank or convert well as a result. Is it possible to look at this content through the lens of your high-performing, high-aligned content and see what you can do to improve it, or is it better to scrap it and start over fresh? That’s a decision you’ll need to make as you compare these particular pieces with the others in your matrix.

Using the Content Matrix Effectively

Now that you have your healthtech marketing content pieces added to the matrix, it’s time to look at the key facets that unite those that are performing best, whether through intention or by sheer luck. What do they all have in common? What can you learn from them? And can you apply what you’ve learned to the ones that aren’t performing well to give them a boost?

Keep in mind there may be instances where no amount of attention will make a piece of content work any better. As you lay them all out on the matrix, you’ll have an excellent overview of what’s working, what isn’t, and what could use a little help.

And if you need a fresh new approach to your content strategy, look no further than the content strategy pros at Workdom. Our experience in the healthcare technology market as well our years of experience developing content and strategies surrounding that content makes us uniquely positioned to help you get the highest ROI from your content while tailoring it to better serve the needs of your target audience.



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