The Surprising Truth About Outbound Marketing

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It Works, But Not In The Way You Might Think!

Outbound marketing, also known as “push” marketing, is often declared as dead (or quickly on its way out) in favor of inbound marketing. And when you look at it on the surface, you can easily see that it looks like outbound marketing is stale, old-fashioned, and no longer profitable, especially when compared to more consumer-driven options like blogging, SEO, and pay per click.

Remember Email?

So many times throughout the last 30 years, people have declared the very same about email. When Web 2.0 was catching on, email was sure to be on its way out. When social media came of age, it was the death knell for email. When video streaming caught on and smartphones became an everyday part of our lives, text and video messaging heralded the end of email.

Outbound Marketing in Action

With inbound marketing, you’re creating content that’s meant to be consumed, and from there, distilling user information based on certain criteria that your customers possess. With outbound marketing, on the other hand, you have a large swath of users that, based on your research, are likely to be interested in what you have to offer. An example of this would be Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences. So you tailor an ad precisely to this audience. It’s still outbound and marketer-driven, just like the TV and radio ads of old, but it’s also much more targeted and precise.

Creating a Unified, Understandable Brand Message

Tailoring your brand awareness, tone, and message for both inbound and outbound marketing can be tricky, but no one said you have to do it alone. Here at Workdom, our senior advertising professionals have years of experience working with brands large and small to create captivating ad campaigns for both inbound, outbound and mixed marketing initiatives.

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