Should You B2C Your B2B Marketing Approach?

Blog In the online world, B2B is starting to learn a few lessons from its B2C counterpart. Much of this is due to the surge of Millennials in the workforce, but also due to the competitiveness of the variety of digital solutions.

No more is it an issue of “you stay on your side and I’ll stay on mine”. Now, the lines between B2B and B2C are blurred.

And in your business, this is actually a good thing.

According to Foleon’s 2021 B2B Buyer Insights Report, 80% of B2B buyers expect a B2C-like experience. Those are numbers you can’t afford to ignore. So how can your B2B business embrace a more B2C approach? There are three major ways:

Personalize Beyond the Email

These days B2B buyers expect personalized emails, so you’ll need to stay a step beyond that. Leverage the valuable customer data you have to take personalization a step further. These days, you can use existing customer data to personalize everything from landing pages to abandoned cart follow-ups.

Of course that’s not to say that you should neglect email personalization. It’s just that these days, you have more data on hand beyond their first name, and your emails should include that information as you segment and refine your campaigns.

Add More Emotion

B2B campaigns aren’t exactly known for pouring on the emotion, so adding any emotion at all is bound to be noticed. The B2C world has the use of emotion nailed down in their messaging, so B2B should definitely take a page out of their marketing book.

That means using phrases and wording that helps to reduce risk and increase confidence, such as:

  • Guaranteed or your money back
  • No purchase necessary
  • No obligation
  • Try it risk-free
  • Contact us for a free demo

Combining this with urgency, such as letting people know that the “Sale ends Tuesday” or “Hurry, only X available at this price” can be an unbeatable combination

Help Your Prospects Help Themselves

Today’s B2B prospects want to inform themselves in detail before they make a decision, which is why you’ll want to do everything you can to make that decision easy for them without piling pressure on them to buy.

Including information that helps naturally lead them to a buying decision, such as a knowledge base, educational training videos or a free mini course can help them get acquainted with your brand as well as give you an opportunity to position your solution as the best fit for their needs.

All of this can happen before a sales or demo call even takes place which gives the prospect ample time to better understand your offer and gives you ample time to perfect it!

Take the Next Step

If you’re ready to learn more about how to take your content or your campaigns to the next level, reach out to the advertising experts at Workdom. Our experience coupled with our technology and expertise can help you provide your customers with a B2C-like experience no matter what you have to sell!

Contact us today to learn more!

Originally published at on March 24, 2022.




Optimize your online marketing & grow your business faster. We do the work so you can be a leader. #BusinessGrowth #DigitalMarketingStrategy

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Workdom Marketing

Optimize your online marketing & grow your business faster. We do the work so you can be a leader. #BusinessGrowth #DigitalMarketingStrategy

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