Recruiting Your DAO Community: 4 Steps You MUST Take

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Do you DAO? That is to say, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. It’s an excellent method for marketing your offering and getting buy-in with a large and engaged audience. But how do you connect with them? What platforms are they using and where can you find them? We’ve created a simple roadmap to help you get started with creating your DAO and recruiting users who are as engaged and passionate about your offer as you are.

Attracting The Right Audience

But before you dive in, you have to plan ahead, and the first step in creating your DAO is to decide which platforms you want to use to not only build your brand, but also drum up public interest in what you have to share and encourage people to help fund your concept to completion.

The issue is that currently, there are more offers than talent available, which means you have to act fast and act decisively in order to not just attract and recruit, but also retain them. You want the best of the best; high value contributors who can move your idea forward.

Creating the Company Culture

DAOs turn the traditional model of company infrastructure on its head. Rather than companies being a place that you go to in order to make some money for yourself, but ultimately make money for others (that have company culture as a secondary thought), DAOs are built with culture in their DNA.

People who are passionate all tend to congregate in the same areas. But there’s no cohesive hierarchical structure to DAOs. Instead, it’s up to you to have a strong, vibrant vision that’s easily communicated to others. Look at what brings them together and leverage their community membership to make them feel as if they are a part of something bigger than themselves.

A DAO’s culture is also strongly rooted in trust, and not just trust between members of the community. Trust in public, outward-facing announcements, showing transparency and milestones helps others to better understand the company’s values. When these values are clear, people that also tend to believe in them will gravitate to the group.

The Right Tools for Success

A great culture in itself though, isn’t enough to hang onto your highest-value contributors. You also have to give them the tools to get the job done. Many DAOS are using Social Tokens and innovations like the Multi-SIgnature Wallet. With this concept, a number of team members must “sign off” on a transaction to verify and authorize it, which prevents the likelihood that one person can “take the money and run”.

When contributors own a part of their vision, they’re more likely to invest in it themselves, with their knowledge, talent and ingenuity, propelling it even further.

Having the right tools means giving team members exactly what they need to make things happen. However, the last thing you want is someone left micromanaging the group. That’s why the last ingredient in a successful recruitment campaign is to:

Give Your Team Autonomy

You could have the best company culture in the world, and access to the very best tools to get the job done, but some contributors will simply come, work on a project and then go. This is completely normal owing to the flexibility of the DAO. The important thing to plant in their minds is the idea that the door is always open for them to come back.

And last but not least, look at ways to incentivize participation. There are several examples of ways that have shown to be successful, but things like membership tiers, native tokens and levels according to buy-in encourage people to continue working on the project and help the DAO grow.

Taking the Next Steps

Recruiting talent is possibly the hardest of all of the steps when building and marketing with your DAO. Right now, talent is the most scarce resource, and those who have it are always looking for ways to keep it. Tools and structures like these are breaking down the old-fashioned way of doing things and presenting an innovative alternative that’s poised to completely uproot how we all work together.

Putting these points into practice for your own DAO will greatly help you not only take your project to the next level but also give it the structure and long-term sustainability it needs to thrive, all while getting the attention of high-value talent that’s not apt to leave any time soon.

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