Marketing in the Metaverse: The Next Big Thing?

Currently, if anyone mentions the “Metaverse”, people’s minds immediately flock to virtual reality and gaming, particularly to teenagers, twentysomething and the edge of thirtysomethings.

But the metaverse is starting to shift to be about more than just attracting Millennials and Gen-Z, and the brands that see it for what it can be are the ones that are best positioned to take advantage of the brand awareness and customer loyalty that comes from being among the first to dive in and explore this uncharted advertising territory.

Creative Potential Abounds

One of the most unique aspects of the metaverse is that it’s always on and it’s fully immersive. Imagine you run a travel agency and you’re selling travel packages. Letting your users experience what it’s like to be surrounded by pristine, white sandy beaches and turquoise waters is almost as good as being there.

Because the metaverse is so new, it’s much like the internet was in its early days: so new that no one really knows exactly what “works” yet. There are, however, certain strategies that have shown to resonate with key demographics, however just like with the web, the metrics haven’t quite caught up yet to say that this or that works definitively. They’re getting closer though and many analytics companies are making huge strides in quantifying user actions and reactions in a world that’s always active and ever-changing.

Collecting Goes Virtual

One of the biggest draws of the virtual word is the ability for participants to be anyone and anything. Many well-known brands, including Gucci and Vans have embraced the metaverse and used it to position their brand and their products as collectible items, purchasable with real currency.

You may not have a Gucci bag in real life, but in the metaverse, your character can purchase the digital version with far less virtual currency, giving you something exclusive and unique to show off to others (as well as reflect your impeccable style and taste!).

If you’re wondering who would possibly pay for a bunch of 1’s and 0’s, the answer is “millennials and gen-Z”, because they’re doing it right now, spending billions of dollars on virtual items and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens — collectible, exclusive items of all kinds).

Make Your Mark in the Metaverse

If you’re interested in making your brand known in the Metaverse, it pays to work with a company that understands how NFTs, the metaverse and similar technologies work, and how your brand can be creatively and strategically leveraged to market in the metaverse in a way that resonates with your target audience while getting your brand noticed and staking your claim in this new and virtually untapped frontier.

Contact the experts at Workdom today to learn more and let’s craft a strategy that helps you make your mark in the metaverse!

Originally published at on February 15, 2022.



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