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How can healthtech companies and healthcare SaaS businesses make virtual events, virtual trade shows and teleconferences work in a post COVID world? No one doubts that COVID changed the way we work, and one of the first areas to take a hit was the live event and tradeshow industry — oftentimes the very lifeblood of healthcare SaaS and related technologies.

As such, you had to shift to the “new normal” and do so quickly: not only to inspire confidence among your clientele, but also to continue to attract new customers and users. And although today, two years later, tradeshows and events have started to crop back up, their frequency isn’t nearly what it was pre-pandemic. Many companies have switched entirely to online-only formats in order to continue to deliver value to their subscribers and users.

Not only is this an efficient way to save money and time, but when done right, it can also cultivate relationships with your customers and prospects in a way that live events, conferences and tradeshows can’t. Here’s how:

Provide Value through Unique Content

The cornerstone of a company that attracts and retains customers is great content, and great content is content that provides value. By helping the user to better understand how your product or service can impact and assist them, and by creating many different types of content where your users are (and not waiting for them to come to you), you not only position yourself as a thought leader in your space, but you become known and recognized for high quality information which in turn leads users to seek out your brand over others.

New and unique content can take the form of educational content, demonstration videos or animations, infographics that present important statistics or case studies that show your product or service being used successfully by your clients. You can also make use of quizzes to help users better understand their condition or the ways in which you can help them. This information in turn can prove to be valuable as you brainstorm additional pieces of content.

Understand What the Audience Wants

Knowing what your audience wants, whether through surveys or through social interactions, helps you craft better content that’s more attentive to their needs. But in addition to keeping the needs of your core users in mind, you also need to leverage virtual events to build your brand and authority as a thought leader. Gaining the trust of doctors, surgeons and fellow professionals is a vital key to promoting your company as a trusted, reliable choice.

Knowing what each segment of your audience wants and being able to weave that together into a concise and engaging content strategy is the secret to success at virtual events and beyond.

Create Shared, Interactive Moments

One of the best ways to build your authority and connect with customers through virtual events, tradeshows and conferences is through interactive, shared moments. This is more of a challenge than at traditional events, but you can still make it happen virtually.

For example, break-out sessions, Q & A, quizzes, and other team building activities can help you and your audience get to know each other better and align more specifically within the framework that you’re working from. This also allows your healthtech company to stand apart as one that truly “gets” the consumer and understands their challenges.

Count on Workdom to Take Your Strategy Further

As you can see, virtual events, tradeshows and conferences can be a challenge when compared to their live counterparts, but there are plenty of things you can do to make the experience inviting, interesting and engaging. And when it comes to content strategy and creating an engaging agenda that people love, count on the experts at Workdom to help you craft a plan that works with your unique product or service and your target audience. Contact us today to learn more!



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