How to Encourage Visitors to Purchase from You Over Your Competition

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3 min readMar 3, 2023


Consideration. It’s the second stage of the sales funnel and often one of the most difficult. This is the stage at which your prospects have heard of your brand and they’re aware of the solution you offer, yet they haven’t yet converted into customers. They’re still weighing their options from all of the available choices out there.

Is there anything you can do to help nudge the needle in your direction?

As it turns out, these four types of content work best to help give your business more weight and credibility in their eyes:


If the prospect has signed up to your mailing list, you’ve piqued their interest enough to convince them to give you their email address. This is the first step on the customer journey for many. Now you have to make it worth their while with newsletters that continue to keep them up-to-date on news related to your industry or product while encouraging them to do business with you.

The goal of your newsletter is to walk the delicate balance of providing value but also keeping your brand front-of-mind. Companies who are able to do this well more successfully convert their users than those who simply use newsletters as an opportunity to sell, sell, sell.


Whitepapers are a longer-form type of content in which you deliver some background information about your industry and introduce a given problem while positioning your product or service as a solution without outwardly or markedly saying so. Whitepapers help to not only present your solution as an option for consideration but also further demonstrates your expertise as a thought leader and authority in your chosen niche or industry.


Webinars are a step beyond whitepapers and other downloadables in that they allow you to present your knowledge in a way that’s easy for viewers to understand and digest. The key to a successful webinar is to meet your prospects where they are, with the concern they have, and then work with them to show them how your solution can help them overcome it or make the process easier in some way. A webinar, when it’s held live, can be an excellent way to demonstrate your experience and knowledge in your field. If it’s pre-recorded and evergreen (meaning the information you share doesn’t quickly go out of date), it can still prove to be incredibly valuable if the question it’s answering is broad enough that many people share the same concern and are looking for direction or guidance.

Case Studies

Although case studies seem similar to whitepapers on the surface, a case study is a more targeted version. Rather than answering a broad question in the way that a webinar or whitepaper would, a case study looks at how a particular problem was solved, usually by one of your clients. If there’s a concern that several people in your industry have, which you’ve solved by way of your product or service, a case study allows you to demonstrate how your actions helped that client in some way.

These types of content can help more potential customers make a concentrated decision to choose you over your competition by not only positioning you as a recognized authority in your industry or field, but also showcasing your knowledge and your commitment to helping customers find a solution.

To learn more about creating the type of content that helps your prospects choose you over your competitors, reach out to the experts at Workdom. Our knowledgeable content strategists and writers can help you craft and market your content to the right prospects at the right time with the right information. Contact us today to learn more!



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