How to Create an Ideal Customer Profile

Creating a Customer Profile — Step by Step

How Does a Customer Profile Differ from a Buyer Persona?

  • Demographics — These are core characteristics about your ideal customer: Age, sex, income, education, marital status, etc.
  • Psychographics — These are characteristics about your ideal customer’s personality. Their attitudes, opinions, perspectives, and beliefs in terms of their buying habits. This also includes what keeps them up at night, what they strive for, etc.
  • Behavioral targeting — Behavioral targeting is much more than just where your users are in the customer journey, although that is also a part of the equation. It’s their readiness to buy, their purchase history, their brand loyalty, etc.
  • Geographic targeting — Location matters, and geographic targeting is all about their city or local area, region and country.

Benefits of Creating a Customer Profile

Where to Find Customer Information



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