How to Create an Amazing Lead Magnet

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3 min readDec 19, 2022

They may seem old-fashioned, but lead magnets are the bread and butter of the inbound marketing and lead generation worlds simply because they WORK.

Lead magnets aren’t just designed to get email addresses. They’re also designed to increase the likelihood that these leads will become customers. Email addresses these days are like gold because people aren’t keen on giving them out as freely as they used to be. The way to convince them to do just that? Share the value of what you have to offer and let them know the answer to the question “What’s in it for me?”

So how do you create an amazing lead magnet that not only gets attention but also transforms interested prospects into engaged customers? We’ll show you in three simple steps!

Target Your Lead Magnet to a Certain Buyer Persona

The first step toward creating a compelling lead magnet is to tailor it to a specific buyer persona. You want to be ultra-specific and solve a very specific problem. Remember that you’re not creating a 30-Day Challenge or a 7 Day email course or anything so involved. At the same time, you want to create value and not throw together something that looks and reads like it was put together at the last minute.

As you continue creating lead magnets, you’ll eventually have some for each buyer persona you target, but first things first, you have to start somewhere so start with the main persona first and then work your way through.

Present a Quick and Easy Solution

Once you decide who you want to target, the next step is to give them an irresistible reason to want to download your lead magnet. Make a promise that’s fulfillable but also valuable. You shouldn’t have to convince your potential buyers that this is a compelling offer — they should be able to see that “this is something I need” and take action.

Think of a common problem that your target audience has and then create a solution to that problem. The quicker and easier, the better. Remember to give them a solution to the promise you made that you would help them with, and help them get a quick win in regards to the problem or issue they’re having!

Make it Easy to Visually Digest

Last but not least, keep your lead magnet simple. You don’t want to get mired in analysis paralysis over making every last detail perfect. You want people to get their solution and in doing so, work their way further down your sales funnel.

The good news is, you have a lot of options for creating your lead magnet, including:

  • A free guide or report
  • A tool kit or resource list
  • A cheat sheet or checklist
  • Free video training
  • A discount or coupon code
  • A free quiz or test result

The important thing isn’t to agonize over what to create but create it first and then go back and tweak it later. You can eventually create all of these things as lead magnets and then test which one(s) resonate best with your target audience.

To learn more about how to leverage lead magnets in your content strategy or to create one for your business or campaign, reach out to the experts at Workdom and let’s work together to help you get more qualified leads while turning those leads into delighted customers!



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