How Doctify Leveraged Onboarding to Solidify its Marketing Strategy

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3 min readJan 13, 2023

Imagine you have a SaaS product in the health tech industry, but you need to target two very different audiences: both doctors and patients. How would you go about it?

This is precisely the issue that faced Doctify, an online review site for doctors and their patients. Doctify faced an unusual task: getting doctors on board with the service so that patients could enjoy a higher quality of care, plus encouraging patients to leave reviews about their experience.

Without either of these things, you don’t have a platform, so it’s important that your marketing and content strategy get the process right the first time. As you might imagine, because these are two vastly different audiences, you’d need to uniquely approach each one with a marketing campaign that speaks to their interests and concerns and motivates them to action.

Facebook Advertising for Specific Targeting

In order to attract specialists to the service, the agency behind the ads ultimately used Facebook because of its high degree of targeting options. They could select specialists by industry (gastroenterologists, ophthalmologists, etc.) as well as by interests and profession.

But trying the same tactic with users would not only be expensive but also cumbersome, as lead quality may not be the best and you’d end up with a funnel full of users with only a passing interest in possibly trying out the site, but never really coming back to leave detailed reviews. Fortunately, the company’s approach to enlisting patients was just as different as the people themselves.

Google Ads for Patient Acquisition

Whenever users search for a doctor in their area, the probability is very high that they’ve either just moved there, or need to see a specialist: precisely the type of audience that Doctify was looking for. Therefore, Google ads targeted toward patients were advertised as a way to find and rate doctors in their area. Users could read the reviews from other patients and elect to choose those highest reviewed, as well as give their own feedback, resulting in a win-win for the company.

Not All Ad Platforms are Created Equal

As you can see, trying to reach any number of specialists using Google ads would have been far costlier and cumbersome, yet it proved to be the best approach for attracting patients, and vice versa for Facebook ads. When working on your content marketing strategy, it’s always a good idea to consider the merits, as well as the pros and cons of the audience most likely to be using that specific platform or service.

Not all ad platforms are created equal, and your content strategy shouldn’t be either. Connect with the experts at Workdom today and let’s work together to help you launch your health tech service or take your product to the next level with a concentrated content strategy that drives results.



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