How a HealthTech Company for Women Revolutionized its Marketing

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3 min readDec 19, 2022

Quick question for all the ladies out there: When was the last time you woke up in the morning saying to yourself, “I can’t WAIT to do my pelvic floor exercises today!

You probably look forward to doing Kegels about as much as a root canal, which is what one healthtech company, Elvie, is aiming to change. Elvie is a small device that works alongside a mobile app which helps women to visualize the movements, while encouraging them to continue their exercises.

Creating and Sustaining a Buzz on Social Media and Beyond

At first, understandably, there was a lot of buzz and talk on social media and in the press itself. But once the initial excitement died down, so did sales. With performance campaigns as their main metric, the company was struggling to see a positive ROI.

So what did they do?

Working Across Multiple Channels to Test, Tweak and Enhance

By rolling out a multi-channel performance marketing initiative, they were able to work internally to discover key opportunities to increase conversion rates. By tweaking ad copy, creatives, messaging and then using what they’d learned to roll out those changes across a variety of customer touchpoints, Elvie was able to decrease their CPA by 60% while seeing a 900% increase in sales.

Which Channels Should You Concentrate on as a Healthtech Provider?

Multi-channel marketing uses a variety of promotional channels and distribution channels into a cohesive marketing strategy whose goal is to attract more customers. The channels themselves can be a mix of web and print media, social media and much more. Multi-channel customers have been shown to spend anywhere from 2x to 5x more than single-channel customers, making multi-channel marketing

In addition to spending more, multi-channel marketing also allows you to increase your reach, attracting more potential customers and increasing engagement at the same time. In addition, you benefit from the number one marketing tenet: go where your customers are. A customer may hear about your healthtech product via social media or a press release, like they did with Elvie, but prefer to receive subsequent messages through emails.

How Should You Effectively Manage Your Multi-Channel Marketing?

Although there are numerous benefits to managing multi-channel marketing, it’s important to note that both efficient management and being able to accurately attribute which customers came from where is vital to your success. A few short years ago, we were throwing everything at Facebook. Now this has grown to encompass Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snapchat and countless other channels. It’s important not to get bogged down in chasing shiny objects, but also be able to ascertain the benefits that lie in multi-channel marketing campaigns handled effectively.

It’s a challenge, to be sure, but one that can be overcome with the right processes and procedures in place, as well as an experienced team that understands not just the campaign objectives but how these objectives tie into the overall benefits to the consumer.

If you’d like to learn more about implementing a multi-channel marketing strategy for your healthtech product, reach out to the experts at Workdom today! Let us work with you to craft a compelling, targeted campaign that gets results!



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