Getting Started with Paid Advertising

Getting started with paid advertising is more than just choosing a handful of keywords and throwing money at a campaign until it produces. The truth is, paid advertising (also known as PPC or pay per click) is both art and science. What this means is that your ads need to be creative and catchy, but you also need to analyze and optimize them for the best possible results.

Here’s how to make sure your first (or next) paid ad campaign hits the ground running.

Create a Checklist

The very first step in jumping into paid advertising has nothing to do with paid advertising itself. Instead, you’ll want to think about your overall strategy:

  • What are your goals for this campaign?
  • How much do you want to spend?
  • How will you track conversions?
  • What is the sales funnel like?

It seems like a lot of questions to answer but taking the time to think through the customer journey and how everything works at each touchpoint will help you better see things through your prospect’s eyes, and help you fix any “leaks” that could be causing friction along the way.

Research Your Keywords

The next step is going to be researching and creating a solid list of keywords. This part is going to take time and you shouldn’t approach the task lightly. You want to think of relevant keywords and phrases that your ideal customer is using when researching your product or service, including variations.

Over time, as you get more accustomed to working with paid ad campaigns, you’ll want to start adding more keywords, negative keywords and taking out keywords that are giving you poorer quality leads. It’s an ongoing process so make sure that you budget enough time and money for it!

Evaluate Your Ads

One of the best reasons to launch a paid advertising campaign is that you can measure EVERYTHING: how much you spend, who clicks on what ad, and much more. Generally speaking, ads need anywhere from a few weeks to a month or so to bring in the numbers that will tell you how the campaign is going overall.

Even if you’re not seeing the best results, it’s a period of trial and error as you “get your feet wet” and figure out what works for your specific campaign needs. Remember that just because a specific method or technique worked for another company (even if it’s in the same niche or industry as you) doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work for you. You have to test and try out different ideas to determine what clicks with your specific target audience!

Optimize and Repeat

It’s all too easy to launch an ad campaign and the get bogged down in work and forget about it for awhile. Forgetting about your ad campaign or not optimizing it is simply throwing money into a black hole. Look at your analytics from time to time, see what the data is telling you, learn from it, adjust and try again.

The more you learn, the better results your ad campaigns will deliver.

Get Help from Workdom

And if you need help with your paid ad strategy or launching paid ad campaigns, Workdom is here! Our chat-based, on-demand team can help you get work done so that you convert more leads into customers and more customers into sales. Reach out to our experienced ad professionals today to learn more!

Originally published at on April 29, 2022.



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