4 Proven Ways to Increase Sales Starting Right Now

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4 min readJul 23, 2021

Sales teams can experience peaks and valleys just like any business owner, but increasing sales consistently doesn’t rely on seasonality or flow — it relies on consistency. Follow these four proven methods to increase your sales, starting right away.

Focus on Your Existing Customers

Your existing and previous customers can be a boom of potential sales if you haven’t tapped them already. They fit all the criteria for your target customer since they’ve already bought from you, they know your brand and your product or service and presumably, they had a good experience buying from you.

If you haven’t already, create an email list of your previous customers. Contact them and ask how they’re enjoying the product or service and if they have any suggestions or ideas for improvement (you’d be surprised at what you learn when you ask!) In addition, offering them a little discount and reminding them of similar products or services that you offer can motivate them to make a purchase when they might not have ordinarily been considering it!

Oftentimes, even the most meticulous business owners tend to let previous customers fly under the radar in terms of checking in, assessing their level of satisfaction (or dissatisfaction), and opening the door to future sales, which is why this is one of the best methods to start boosting revenue right away!

Create Perceived Value

Your product or service obviously has a great deal of value baked into it already. You know this, but does your customer? Oftentimes there’s a disconnect between the value you know is in your product or service, and what the customer knows about it. If they feel they aren’t getting enough value from it, it will be a hard sell to convince them that the price is worth it.

To fix this, you also have to develop perceived value. For example, your customer doesn’t buy a drill just to make a hole. They buy a drill to hang family photos, pictures of their travels, artwork and other things they love. Your drill therefore has to explain how easy you make it for them to do just that. Customers don’t care that it has a diamond-tipped drill bit; they care that it will chew through concrete like it’s cotton candy.

And the perceived value comes into play when you compare it to things like inferior drill bits, which can permanently mar your walls, create a mess, create cracks in the walls or barely punch through, and more. Basically, you’re creating a perceived idea that with your product, the job is easier, safer, cleaner, and overall better, which then justifies the price in the customer’s mind that it’s worth more to them to have a job well-done than a half-baked result.

Cultivate an Atmosphere of Service

This is something that all businesses, large and small, can do to help improve their customers’ experience as a whole, right away. Take the time to cultivate an atmosphere of customer service. That means not only being attentive to the customers’ needs, but also doing everything you can to make it easier for them to find what they need.

Depending on what you sell, that could mean creating a knowledge base full of tutorial videos, walkthroughs, screenshots, and more. It could mean adding live chat or hosting a forum for Q & A. It may mean all of the above! Remember, customer experience doesn’t just stop when you’ve helped them. It continues and permeates everything your business does, from the emails you send, to the technical support calls you make, and much more.

For that reason, sales enablement should be an area of prime focus if you’re looking to increase sales. Giving your sales team everything they need to do their job well, including plenty of material to draw from, allows them to assist customers better while helping the customer get a fuller picture of the diverse offerings that your company has to share.

Even if the user doesn’t ultimately buy at that moment, you’ll have certainly made an impression on them to seriously consider your company as a contender as they go through the decision-making process!

Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Help!

Last but certainly not least, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for help. At Workdom, we pride ourselves on delivering dedicated, professional services for all your marketing needs.

From search engine optimization and social media to sales enablement, martech optimization, and more, we’re at our best when we can help you handle the things your business needs to not only stay afloat but stay one step ahead of your competition, finely-tuned and optimized.

Contact our advertising professionals today and let’s talk about your marketing strategy and how we can help!

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